Peepal Chhaaya Nepal is a non-profit organization, created and registered in France after my second visit to the remote parts of Nepal. As a librarian by profession, my trek through the hills of the mid-western region made me realize that there is a lack of educational and cultural infrastructures in this region.





Peepal Chhaya Nepal’s aim is to create by early 2015 a community library, based on citizen participation, in Gamaudi, small remote village of Dailekh district in the mid-western of Nepal. The approach of Peepal Chhaya Nepal is totally disinterested. It will work in partnership with the local community. This project must be their project more than ours. The aim being that the locals get the total control over the library and that it answers the real needs of the population. The wish of Peepal Chhaya is to give the impulse to the creation of the library without imposing its own culture.