Dailekh in a few pictures

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Here a picture taken early morning from the main street crossing the entire municipallity of Narayan.

The Pipal tree is revered in Nepal and India. According to the inhabitants of Navikhola, this tree is supposed to be older than 300 years.

According to the natives, these standing stones, called Dewals, were erected at the Prithvi Malla era to serve during religious ceremonies. It can be discovered in the village of Rawatkot.

The temple in Shreeshthan features a flame that never dies. Its secret : natural gas coming from underground.

This is the Shiva temple of Dhuleshwor which stands atop of a hill near by Dullu.It attracts a lot of pilgrims coming to worship Shiva. A young hindu priest officiates there every day.

An old ruin of what was once a castle in the center of Dullu in Dailekh.

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